Did up my 4 doors with SILENT and now my car has got stronger bass for sure and vehicles passing by my car cannot be heard as much as before.
JASON Nissan Sunny
Did up my 2 front doors only to resolve the wind and road noise that seems to be seeping in. Results were good, at least 80% improvement then before.
HERMAN Toyota Corolla
Did up my front 2 doors and boot. Very meticulous workmanship. My music sounded better, bass response is tight and midrange sounded much better. Will go back to do arcs and floorpan next month
COLIN Honda Civic
I find my car really noisy, therefore decided to do up the floor pan, 2 front doors and 4 arcs as recommended. Now in TPE, I cannot hear the roaring noise of the tyres that much and overall ride is much more comfortable now.
EE SAN Nissan Sunny
Vibrations on my doors have totally stopped. I did my two front doors with SILENT and is satisfied with the results.
JEFFERY Mitsubishi Lancer
Road noise was reduced, overall car was quieter and exhaust noise that I am hearing is finally recitified. Good workmanship and patience.
MR HENG Toyota Vios
My ride was improve at around 60%. It is really much better. Thank you SILENT. I will come back and do the back wheel arcs again.
MR YEO Kia Magentis
After insulating my whole car with SILENT, when I travel on the regulating strips, my car is now much quieter then before. I am surprised at what sound insulating a car can get.
MR CHUA Suzuki Swift
Did up my whole car with SILENT, results are good especially for the doors. They feel much more solid and giving me more bass and music now.
ROGER Toyota Alfard
Noise level had reduced. Ride comfort used to be acceptable while travelling at 70km, now with SILENT, the bar has risen to 95km. The good thing is SILENT provide mobile services. Though took 9 hrs to complete, pretty decent job done. Highly recommended for those looking for sound proffing at a reasonable price!
JOSEPH Honda Civic
I did up my whole car with SILENT as recommended by one of my friend. Results were good as mentioned by my friend. I was very happy with the results and workmanship of the technicians.
Did up my boot to reduce exhaust noise, my doors for more music and bass. Now my overall ride is better, music was enhanced.
Using SILENT acoustic material is every cent well spend, exhaust and road noise were reduced so much that I can hardly hear them. My Focal speakers are now optimized with SILENT. Great job done!
DAVE CHIAM Nissan Silvia
Did up my boot only to improve my woofer, indeed now my boot area does not vibrate as hard as before, much better than before. I will do up my doors as soon as I get my speakers change! Thanks SILENT.
JIMMY Toyota Vios

My doors now come with a solid 'thud' sound like continental car. Noise was reduced, with music enhanced after doing up my doors. SILENT acoustic material is a good buy for drivers who want their car to feel like any other continental car.

DARREN TOH Nissan Ceferio

After using SILENT, my ride was greatly improved. Noise is blocked out and my audio system is enhanced. I do not need to turn on my radio as loud as before. Value for money product.

MR ZHENG Subaru Forester

After sound proofing my whole car with SILENT, the after effect was fantastic. Driving is much quieter now, especially reducing the road noise and engine noise. Now I am enjoying a much more pleasurable ride then before. Thanks to SILENT, with their reasonable price and good workmanship.

Andy Loke Toyota Wish
I did the soundproofing using SILENT on my whole car. Results were fantastic. Very quiet. Noise is very much reduce, cannot really hear too much of the vehicles beside me now.
JUSTIN BAEY Nissan Latio

Trust SILENT, now I can even hear my music clearly on rainy days after sound insulting my roof and wheel arcs! I will sound proof my whole car very soon.


Good job done! Very good workmanship and my car was very well taken care of. Using SILENT acoustic material have greatly reduced the noise and rattles from my car, providing me with a more comfortable drive.

HERALD YEO Honda Civic
I only did up my wheel arcs with SILENT material, but I can already feel the improvement. Will be doing up my doors and floor pan next month again. Results is impressive.
JAMES Toyota Altis
My carí»s engine is below my seats. Therefore I did up the floor, wheels to cut off the road noise. Indeed, road noise and wind noise as well as exhaust noise were reduced. Now I am enjoying a quieter ride with "SILENT"!

Often like to turn up the speakers of my car. Therefore decided to do up the 4 doors with SILENT. Now I do not have to turn on my speakers as loudly as before. It really enhances car interior music.

CHEE KIAT Mitsubishi AirTrek

Did up almost my whole car! Overall, road, wind, exhaust noise was greatly reduced as promised. Technicians were very patient and careful with my car as well, I am impressed.

MR GOH Mitsubishi Colt Plus

Did up my wheel arcs and boot. Exhaust noise could hardly be heard now when I am driving. I shall do up my floor pan with them next week to achieve a even better sound insulation for my car.


Overall road noise has been reduced. Noise from the neighboring country's motorbikes been reduced & cant really hear the vehicle beside my ride. Don’t really have to turn up the volume knob on my HU anymore. Ride is now more quiet & comfortable.

MICHEAL Honda Integra

The noise coming from my wheels is unbearable. Only did up my 4 arcs, noise and wind noise was reduced. Now I don’t hear them as much as before. I will consider doing up other areas as well.

MR LINGAM Kia Spectra

I have never done any soundproofing on my car before. After installing SILENT material on my car four main area: boot, floorpan, door and wheel arc, My car's audio system is greatly improved! Less road and wind noise. "I feel that i am like driving a continental car!" I am truely amazed by the results.

RICHARD LOH Toyota Corolla
SILENT material is a quality product and affordable. It is a good buy!
ROY CHING Nissan Sunny

I have thought that original sound proofing of continental car are good enough. Through recommendation of my audio shop, I installed SILENT material onto my doors. And I still feel the difference!

After doing up my car with SILENT material, when I am on the road now, I can hardly hear the motorbikes beside me now! It is really value for money. "THUMBS UP FOR SILENT!"
SPIKEY Nissan Silvia
I have tried many soundproofing material. However, not even one meets my sound proofing requirements. After driving my friend's car that is using SILENT material, I was convinced that this material works. I have also sound proofed my car with SILENT material & results is tremendous!
ELVIN TAN Honda Stream
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