My wife even noticed the difference in the ride after the sound proofing session of my doors and floor pan.
JACK Toyota Altis
Engine noise was reduced; road noise was cut off quite a bit. Will come up and do the arcs as recommended by my friends to reduce the tyres noise.
Annonymous Honda Civic
Did up my whole car with SILENT. Very satisfied and now look forward to do up my bonnet with them as soon as their stocks arrived.
MR LOH Toyota Estima
Thanks for the soundproofing. I am enjoying my ride more than before.
MR SNG Mazda
Did up my 4 arcs and fenders. The reduction was abt 60% in the noise. Will consider doing up more areas.
Good that SILENT provide mobile services as I drive a weekend car. Very decent job done though its on site. Technicians are friendly and patient.
MR JIN Suzuki Liana
Was looking more for enhancement of my music. Therefore choosed SILENT as recommend by my colleagues. Results were better bass and music.
MR YIP Honda Jazz
Introduced by other Jazz drivers to do up my Sound proofing with SILENT. Results are pretty good. Will consider their services again in future.
MR ENG Honda Jazz
Did up my front arcs and fenders only to reduce road noise. There is an improvement in my ride. Thanks to SILENT.
MR AMAT Mitsubishi Lancer
Did up my whole car with SILENT. There is a very big improvement. And I am very happy with the good customer service of their sales rep.
MR TK LIM Mitsubishi Lancer
I have very sensitive ears. Really can’t stand the noise that is generating from my ride. SILENT's technician helped me to identify the problem areas and advise me to do up what I need to do and not overdo as I have a budget to work with. True enough ride was improve 50% than before. Good follow up service.
Did up my roof with SILENT as I can’t stand the irritating rain hitting onto my hollow roof.
My exhaust noise was greatly reduced after doing up my boot  and arcs. It really helps in the noise reduction.
My doors now close with a very solid " thump". The enhancement on my music and reduction in the noise also tempts me to do up my rear doors with them again!
MR CHOONG Mitsubishi Lancer

Did up my whole car with them. Workmanship is very good. My car looks the same as before even on the floor carpeting. Rain noise is very much reduced now even though it’s raining heavily.

MR KWAN Toyota Alphard

I am very particular about noise in my ride. Still do not feel that my Jagaur is very quiet though it’s a European car. Therefore decide to engage SILENT's services. The ride is further improved.

MR HO Jaguar X Type

Did up my front doors initially with SILENT. In the end did up my 5 doors after testing the ride. SILENT products are comparable to other famous acoustic mats.

MR TAN Hyundai Matrix
SILENT products are affordable and effective. I have wasted quite a sum in my previous cars using other materials. Good to know SILENT through my brother who uses their services.
MR THAM Lexus IS200

My car is more sound proofed then before now. Thanks for your excellent services.

MR LAI Toyota Camry

Done up my Jaguar with them. Was very satisfied and there fore have asked them to do up my BMW as well.
Tyre noise was reduced and music was very much enhanced.

MR HO BMW 7 series
Did up my 5 doors with SILENT. 50% of noise reduction was noticed. Planning to do up my floor and boot with them to achieve 80% reduction!
STEVE Chevrolet
After doing up my car, its much more pleasurable to drive it and even on rough road, I could feel a significant reduction as well.

True enough, tyre noise was reduced with wheel arcs and fenders done.

MR TAN Fiat Punto 4 doors

Tighter bass and noise was reduced around 40%. Tyres noise was also reduced. Will go on to do up my bonnet with them once stock arrive.

MATT Fiat Punto 2 door

Very good effect. I am addicted to do more and more areas! Will introduce to my fellow friends who drive a harrier. Good job done!

DANIEL Toyota Harrier

Introduced by my friend who did up his harrier with SILENT. True enough, after installing noise was reduce, music was much enhanced.

MR LI Toyota Harrier
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