1. SILENT only uses R & D acoustic material for our customer's car to ensure that their cars can reach an optimum level of sound insulation and comfort in their ride. We only specialise in Sound Insulation for cars and nothing else.
  2. SILENT have done up a wide range of car which ranges from new to old cars, from economy to high end cars, from vans to mini bus, SILENT have the expertise to do up your car for you in the most professional way.
  3. By maintaining high product quality, efficiency and cost effective methods, we only deliver the best to our customers.
  4. Good workmanship is a promise we stand by. Cars are all well take care of in our hands. Process of installation will all be taken down to show our customers.
  5. SILENT is devoted to constantly upgrading, improving and produce innovative products to give the best to our customers.
  6. SILENT provides good after sales service with follow up calls to ensure customer's satisfaction.
  7. SILENT emphasize more on quality and workmanship rather than packaging and advertising which in turns save costs for our customers.
  8. SILENT always guarantees a "one day job" for our customers so that they can get their ride at the end of the day.

Choose only SILENT as your sound proofing specialist!

2. Why do Continental cars always have a quieter ride than Japanese cars?

  • Emphasize on Light Weight
  • Emphasize on Performance


  • Emphasize on Performance
  • Emphasize on Overall Comfort
  • Emphasize on Luxury Level

Continental cars are manufacture with better sound insulation system using better R & D spray on material to help driver achieve more comfortable & quieter ride and reduce driving fatigue.

However Japanese car can also achieve a even better standard of sound insulation by using R & D acoustic material to upgrade their sound insulation to a a luxury standard.

Whether you drive a continental car or an economy car or an new or old car, all cars will benefit from extra sound insulation using R & D acoustic materials

SILENT have a series of R & D acoustic material to help all drivers achieve a quieter ride with an overall more comfortable environment with less distractions and noise

  • Time consuming & untidy as many layers need to be used to achieve the 30% standard of R & D material
  • Tends to add a lot of weight on car due to overlaying
  • Not even 30% effective in reducing noise and vibration as compared to R & D material
  • Cost effective as material is widely available & cheap, Eg: Cotton, tapes, wool, pillow foam, Styrofoam, cloth, plastics, gum, etc
Performance *
User Friendliness **
Durability **
Speed *
Price ****

Overall rating: 3rd Choice
2. Spray On (OEM Factory Usage)
  • Fast but untidy mainly for external usage
  • Short life span
  • Tends to crack and peel off
  • Not very effective reducing vibrations noise
  • More for abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • Cost effective as material is cheaper
  • Need to go back for repeated servicing
  • Mainly for manufacturing stage use
Performance **
User Friendliness **
Durability *
Speed ****
Price ***

Overall Rating: 2nd Choice
  • Time consuming but tidy as 1 layer is sufficient to achieve an optimum level of sound insulation
  • Used in competition worldwide
  • Effectiveness in reduction of noise and vibration can go up to 80%
  • Not very cost effective but affordable
  • Through research & development, materials are with noise and vibration absorbing properties
  • Pressure sensitive
Performance ****
User Friendliness ***
Durability ****
Speed *
Price **

Overall rating: 1st Choice
  • When noise come into contact with the dampening material, it will transform the sound waves into a lower decibels which is not audible by human ear. It sticks onto the panel to lessen vibrations.
  • Conceal the music and quietness of your car’s interior within the car itself.
  • Disperse Vibrations evenly when it come into contact with the material.
  • To seal up the small holes and openings to block out noise

A quieter ride with less distraction and an overall more comfortable environment is what you can expect when you start to sound insulate your car. Sound insulation will not only revitalize the interior sound of your car, it also reduces the rattles and vibrations of your car.




Door is one vital part to do insulation on. It will close with a solid healthy "thump" like of the expensive cars. Audio system will be enhanced blocking off wind and road noise not forgetting the vibrations for the panels.


Doing up the floor pan is also essential as noise from the wheels will be able to enter through the floor pan. It will greatly reduce road, wind, gear transmission noise and vibrations.



Exhaust noise come mainly from the boot. Should you have a very nosiy exhaust, doing up the boot will significantly reduce the noise. It will also enhance your bass if you have a woofer as it will conceal the woofer into a soundproofed room.



The roof comes in especially useful on rainy days as it can counter rain noise effectively. Beside rain noise, it can also reduce wind and road noise.



To rectify mainly on engine noise and with heat insulation function. It also helps to reduce vibration.



The firewall is very effective in reducing engine noise. It is the most critical area to do up if you have an old & noisy engine.


When wheels are moving, there is a lot of road and wind noise produced. Therefore, doing up the wheel arcs is one of the most critical area to remove road and wind noise.


Fenders will tned to vibrate due to the movement of the wheels. It is one of the area with the most vibration. By doing up the fenders, road, wind noise and vibrations can be reduces.


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